Stoneburner Upcoming work backstage pass


Over the next X amount of time I will be releasing a ton of new material.
It will be released in the form of digital EPs on bandcamp etc.

I've already put a ton of work into this material, and I'm ready to start this round of backstage passes.

Here's the deal you'll get digital downloads, and when/if the time comes for a physical release I will send you copies of those. With the world as it is, I have no idea how that's going to play out. You will also get free copies of the Komprimat covers EP's.

This is not for people who want *STUFF*.
This is for people who want to understand the process.
I've already got copious notes and about 20ish new demos for the material.
All of which will be made available as soon as I create the invite only group.

Over the past year of doing this, I've refined my systems, and I think I should be able to provide you with the most involved view of the process thus far.

One of the main reasons being that I don't know this material yet either. You will be learning what these songs are at the same time I am.

I'm asking $60 to join the group. And this will run until I have run through all of this material, which is looking to be 4-5 EP's over the next 6-8 months.