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Stoneburner - Technology Implies Belligerence *Signed*

Image of Stoneburner - Technology Implies Belligerence *Signed*


"Technology Implies Belligerence" represents a huge departure from Stoneburner's previous releases. The tribal industrial atmosphere is stronger and as aggressive as ever, but reaches a new peak with the addition of Steven’s vocals and lyrics. The record draws from many lyrical ideas and concepts, its name originating from Peter Watts’ groundbreaking first contact novel "Blindsight”—specifically the first single "The Structure Itself is in Pain” and the final ambient epic "Theseus Abandoned”, which features a monologue by Watts specifically recorded for the record. The songs "The Angel of Abscess” and "Everything Tears Away at Everything Else Forever” venture into sonic interpretations of Steven’ visual art work, painting images of one’s sins exposed upon blood-draped landscapes of muscle and bone. Themes range from the personal and somber meditation on mortality with "One By One We Glitter and Disappear” to the aggressive yet equally personal vehemence of "So Much More Aware, So Much Less Perceptive”. Other songs like “Apocalypse Ennui”, "Dry Gun”, and "World of Mirrors” will appeal to fans of earlier Stoneburner material.

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Shipping mid June

The first digital single can be purchased on Bandcamp here

Watch the first video here!