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Stoneburner- Technology Implies Belligerence- Music for the Metastasized package

Image of Stoneburner- Technology Implies Belligerence- Music for the Metastasized package


Stoneburner - Technology implies belligerence
Music for the metastasized package

Every record I put out gets some sort of special edition. It’s fun, it helps pay the bills and hopefully gives you guys something extra.

Well, this one is different.

Because this record is different.
It’s the record I’ve been promising myself I would make since I started listening to industrial when I was sixteen or even the art of noise when I was thirteen, and tangerine dream before that.

Stoneburner has always been fiction. And even though this deeply intertwined with Peter Watts sublime novel Blindsight, this is quite possibly the most of myself I’ve ever put into a piece of art.

For those playing the home game, and are aware of ::Hopeful Machines:: that too is deeply personal, but it lives in a place without words.

This record is very much about words.

I haven’t written lyrics, much less sung on a recording in 20 years. And NEVER like this. There is a lot more I have to say about both the lyrics and the process of writing the record, which I will get to shortly.

So this time around I’m doing something different. Yes, you will get a signed copy of the CD when it becomes available. And probably digital even sooner. But I’m also going to create a members only Facebook group for people who buy this package.

It will include:
Copious notes on the writing process.
Early access to all the videos, by which I mean you will get to see them before their final edits so you can get a feel for how that works.
I have a TON of alternative versions of the songs. Some similar to the final ones, some radically different.
I will put up a link to download the digital version of Blindsight so you can bone up on that before the record comes out in case you haven’t yet.
Also, video outtakes and maybe we can do a listening party where I break down each song and talk about where they came from.

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of this record, and my hope is by making this all available it will show you all the work and cool ideas that went into it.

When I read Blindsight the first time, I had to stop every few pages and look up an idea or piece of tech, which lead me down all kinds of interesting paths.

When I set out to write this record, I wanted it to be like that. It functions just fine from a “it’s got a cool beat and I can dance to it” perspective. But if you really want to dive in.

Man, I’ve got hella footnotes on all the major decisions and choices.

Anyway, if you made it this far, the package is $60, you get a physical copy of the cd and access to this private Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook let me know we will work something out.