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Stoneburner - Music for the Massdrivers package

Image of Stoneburner - Music for the Massdrivers package


After doing the new live show a few times, I realized that I needed more original material to fill out the set. So I'm putting together an EP with 5-6 new songs and some remixes that I will drop right before the fall tour.

It's going to be super limited edition. 100 signed and numbered, then I will hand it off to the label for digital release. The physical disc will have a few covers that will only be available on the cd itself.

As with the record I'm doing a decent amount of backwork for this thing. Learning new tricks, not just in production but how to build the songs themselves.

I am again offering a "artist supporters package" for those of you who want the inside scoop on the EP. I will give you access to a invite only Facebook group, where I will talk about each song in depth. You will have access to the demos and hear how they develop. And I plan on doing a video for at least the title track. So you will be in on that too.

You will also be guaranteed a copy of the physical CD when it is manufactured.

Since this is an EP, I'm lowering the price to $40. If you're a big fan and just can't afford it, let me know and we can work something out.

At the time of this writing, the title track is more or less blocked out, along with a good chunk of the other songs. I will be making a demo of the title track available as soon as I create the group itself.

As always, thanks for your support!