Fleshdrive of the Red Death AUDIOBOOK!


Not for the weak of heart or stomach!

These 10 gig Fleshdrives contain the new “Atmospherically enhanced,” recording of Poe’s ,”Masque of the Red Death.”

Performed by two time Grammy winner Stefan Rudnicki, with full score and atmosphere by Steven Archer. At the time of this writing we are not entirely sure that the digital delivery services (Audible etc) will make the stereo version available. It sounds fine in mono... but it sounds AMAZING in stereo.

We are including the full stereo version, forwards by Steven Archer and John Langan (Stoker nominated for “The Fisherman,” and a interview/conversation between Steven and Stefan.

We will also include the score as a separate file, a PDF of the printed version of the book, and additional music files.

Shipping mid June.
But all the files will be available to download before the end of May.